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Drake Has Shared an Unreleased Track Featuring Aaliyah

December 7, 2016 / 1min read / 415 Views

Considering Drake’s position (particularly in light of his recent string of record-breaking), he can pretty much do whatever he wants. And yes, that does include releasing never-before-heard tracks featuring Aaliyah. Wait, what? You would be forgiven for thinking that “Talk

Remembering Aaliyah 15 years after her death

August 25, 2016 / 3 — 4min read / 635 Views

August 25 is a tough day every year for celebrity stylist Derek Lee. It was on that day in 2001 that Lee’s client and friend, superstar singer Aaliyah, died when her plane crashed shortly after takeoff in the Bahamas. Lee

Vibe Magazine Annouces Aaliyah Week

August 23, 2016 / 1min read / 550 Views

It’s been 15 years since Aaliyah Haughton’s unexpected passing (Aug. 25). Within that time span, her music has continued to serve as an inspiration and catalyst for other artists’ careers. The epitome of sticking true to the real you, Aaliyah

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